Homegrown Maroons

Things to Know As You Prepare to Retreat with Homegrown Maroons

Frequently Asked Questions and Rules & Regulations are below the general retreat details.

The days of the retreat:

  • June 30th -July 2nd
  • July 21st – 23rd,
  • August 25th – 27th
  • September 29th – October 1st

The retreat, including food service, officially begins 9am Friday morning and ends 9pm Sunday night. We encourage everyone to enjoy all three full days of camping as much as possible, and are happy to accommodate for travel needs, including Vermont’s limited train and flight schedules. People are welcome to arrive anytime after 6pm Thursday and may stay until 11am the following Monday.

The Retreats are rain or shine!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the retreat?
Wheelock Mountain Farm
91 W Wheelock Road
Greensboro Bend, VT 05942

How do I get there?
Driving: Get driving directions here.
Train Stop: Montpelier, VT, about 30 minutes away, is not to be confused with Montpellier, Canada!
Airport: Burlington International Airport (BTV) is about 90 minutes away.

All overnight visitors must complete the Interest Form, pay all fees in advance, and check-in upon arrival – all prior to entering the campground. You will be asked to review and affirm the rules and regulations, which will complete your registration. YOUR REGISTRATION IS AFFIRMATION THAT YOU WILL COMPLY WITH ALL “HOMEGROWN MAROONS RULES AND REGULATIONS.” Non-compliance of these rules will result, without refund, in your ejection or early departure from the campground.

Are children welcome?
Children 17 and under are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
There is no childcare.

What should I wear?
Please bring Sturdy and Waterproof boots/footwear, waterproof jacket, sun hat, summer long sleeve shirts/pants, long socks for insects, sun screen. Check Greensboro Bend, VT weather. Please review the Packing Checklist below.

What about food?
Continental breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included with registration fee. If you have specific allergies or restrictions please disclose that in Interest Form and send a follow up email. Please reiterate them to welcome staff upon arrival.

Please do not bring food from home. No food outside of the Kitchen/Mess hall.
Please do not bring food or snacks out of the Kitchen. Please do not bring food or snacks into your tent. Critters and other animals can smell the food/snacks from far away.

What are showers/bathing options?
There three outdoor showers with hot water.

PLEASE do not bring toxic chemical based toiletries!!! We have no sewage system or septic tanks. This means that all waste/dirty water is only filtered by the dirt/rocks. We will be providing environmentally friendly soaps, shampoo and body lotion.

We have two areas designated for folks to put up their tents. This is a camping retreat, however if there are accommodations needed, please communicate them in the Interest Form and via email.

Other families live on the farm and their houses and other structures are TOTALLY OFF LIMITS. No exceptions! Please let staff know if you have buildings/structure questions.

What activities are offered?
We are not duplicating the top down, hierarchical conference, seminar structure, as we will be learning together. This will not be a heavily scheduled and programmed experience. Rather, you will be offered direction for activities with opportunities to engage in them yourself. You will engage with much independence, though we will also offer opportunities to be guided through some of the activities. Organized discussions will be held during some meal times to leave all other times open for land based activities:

  • Canoeing
  • Maple Syrup Production Tour
  • Foraging Herbs, Mushrooms, Berries, and other Edibles
  • Pathfinding, Trailblazing, Hiking
  • Fire Building
  • Star Gazing
  • Plant Identification
  • Visiting a Local Farm
    Sweat Lodge
  • Community Building
  • Scavenger Hunts

When engaging in Hiking, Foraging, Canoeing, The Sweat Lodge and other activities, please communicate your whereabouts and plans. We recommend that you find a companion or partner for any and all activities.

Organized evening campfires will be offered. Guest and other special activities or services may be offered on some weekends.

Please keep in mind, some activities are weather dependent.

First Aid
There are designated areas (Kitchen & Roundhouse) that will have first aid kits along with Apothecary remedies for ailments.

Quiet time
Quiet Time from 10pm -10am. Please be respectful of the time of day or night and the noise you are making or your device’s volume or sounds in general.

Is this an exclusively Black/African heritage retreat?
No. Our differences make us beautiful, brilliant and powerful. We cannot wait for the world to change to embody our principles!

Is there Wifi access?
There is weak, undependable wifi access and cellular service is very limited. We are encouraging all Maroons to limit their use of technology as a part of reconnecting with nature. There is access to a landline in case of an emergency.

Rules and Regulations

No Drugs, Alcohol, Pets, FIREARMS or Weapons of any kind.

Safety is rule #1
Please be mindful and conduct yourself in a safe manner. Please refrain from extreme activities, sporting, horseplay or any actions that could lead to unsafe situations or injuries.

Only staff is allowed to start fires and only in designated areas. Water must always be on site prior to starting fires. Fire must be immediately extinguished after festivities.

Please take care of yourself at all times and communicate with us about any and all needs you may have during the three days of marooning. Please do not come if you feel sick.

Please only smoke in designated areas and dispose of extinguished cigarette butts in proper containers. DO NOT THROW CIGARETTE BUTTS ON THE GROUND.

Please take care of the land. Whatever you bring to the forest (specifically TRASH) Make sure you take it out of the forest with you.

Please be mindful of the ecosystem and ALL OF ITS INHABITANTS. Yes all of the insects are an extremely important part of why this land is so naturally clean, healthy and beautiful. No hunting!!! No picking or harvesting without permission.

Packing checklist

  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Yoga mat (for under sleeping bag)
  • Sturdy and waterproof boots/footwear
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Warm Clothes/Layers
  • Blankets/Comforters if driving all the way
  • Sun hat or visor/Mosquito Net Hat
  • Towel + washcloth
  • Headlamp
  • Mosquito & tick repellent
  • Long sleeve shirts/pants for insects
  • Sunscreen
  • Portable water bottle

Please leave these items at home: weapons, nonessential electronic devices, perfumes/strong smells, glass or other breakables, valuables, excessive clothing, makeup and fashion accessories. Please let us know if any such item is important for you feel like yourself.

Rules are subject to change without prior notification. The board/management of Wheelock Mt Farm and Homegrown Maroons absolve themselves from any and all liability pertaining to injury, loss, personal loss, theft, property damage, or accident caused by anyone (other than staff/management) or for failure to obey Homegrown Maroon’s “Rules and Regulations.”


Flagg Pond at Wheelock Mountain Farm